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The Best Water Filters Reviewed, From Our Family to Yours. Drink Safe, Live Well!

Water purification systems like water softeners, water purifiers and filters have never been more vital.

You are what you drink, cook with, and wash your body, hair and clothes in.

Our family are passionate about the purity of the water we consume. We want to share that passion with you by making it easier for you to ensure that you, and your family, have safe, pure water for drinking, cooking and cleaning.

What's in YOUR City Tap Water?

Our family publishes the best water filter reviews, jargon-free!

It's becoming dangerous to rely on your municipal water department to decide what is, and is not, safe for you to drink.

For your health, and your family's health, you must take your own responsibility to ensure that your water (well water, city water, or spring water) is safe for daily consumption.

City water sources are becoming more and more polluted with chemicals, bacteria, toxic metals and other contaminants, despite (and sometimes because of!) industrial methods of water treatment in residential areas.

Years of propaganda have created a false sense of security about our water supply. We are not trying to scare you. Do your own research.

Cities routinely add toxins like fluoride and chlorine to the water they expect you to drink... the same compounds that have been used as chemical weapons during wartime!

Just as no amount of mercury or lead is non-toxic in the human body, it is never a good idea to ingest any quantity of toxic chemicals.

Now the Good News!

Don't despair. The flipside of the water scares we routinely read about is a thriving industry of water purification. You are spoiled for choice of water filters, water softeners and other water purifiers.

If your child likes to drink water from a hose, then ensure your supply is filtered

There are inexpensive and readily-available gadgets that will take lake water, or even a water butt filled with rain runoff from your barn or outbuilding, and filter it into fresh, usable drinking water in minutes.

Once a luxury only afforded by an affluent few, whole house water filters and reverse osmosis water systems are becoming a common sight, and are fixtures in the homes of regular families like yours, and ours.

The big question is: how do you pick the right one for you? What can you do to 'filter out' the bad choices, and be left with a water purification system that's 'clearly right for you?

Water Filters A to Z to the Rescue

When we first started planning for a family, we also began researching water filtration systems. It's hard to say which decision was more bewildering, and scary!

Bringing a child into the world was a snap, compared to learning about charcoal filters, replacement cartridges, positively-charged silicon granules, and all the rest of it.

There simply were no websites online like ours: a simple, family-focused approach to what, ironically, can be a very 'dry', scientific topic, loaded with jargon.

By the way, have you seen our water purification jargon buster page? It's the first place to go if you read something you don't understand. We take terms that sound as if they belong in a science fiction novel, and turn them into plain English.

It's easy to get confused by different methods of water purification, like UV purification, water filtering, reverse osmosis, water ionizing or salt water purifying.

Your choice is further muddled when you weigh up the relative benefits of brand: dozens of manufacturers, with names you'll have heard of:

  • Culligan
  • Kinetico
  • PUR
  • Kenmore
  • GE
  • Katadyn

and many others you probably won't have come across before, but who need to be considered if you want the best value for money.

Each Family's Water Purification Needs are Different

Insist on filtered water for your family's health

The amount, and manner, of your water consumption will also dictate whether you need a whole house system, a reverse-osmosis tap in the kitchen, a refrigerator water filter, a portable water purifier, an ultraviolet system, or a combination of these.

Confused? Welcome to our world, five years ago!

Since we began this research, my wife and I have raised ourselves above the average consumer's narrow focus, and have become somewhat expert in the boring topic of water purification.

Our friends always laugh when we compliment them on the taste and purity of their filtered tap water.

They know... there's going to be a follow-up question that they cannot answer!

"Do you have a charcoal filter? Is it a reverse-osmosis system?"

The truth is:

  • Like you, they don't know the answers to our questions, because they don't care.
  • Like you, our friends just want a solution to the problem of a good drinking water supply.
  • Like you, they want to know how to spend their money wisely, and get top value for their dollar.

At Water Filters A to Z, our only goal is to help to make these choices as painless and straightforward as possible for you.

We'll treat you like one of our friends.

About Our Research

My wife and I are voracious researchers. But we're not experts, chemists, or water industry professionals.
There are plenty of times when we get stuck on a topic. When we do, we HIRE experts to help.

This gives our site (we hope!) balance: a friendly, family-oriented approached, backed up by the best technical minds available.

Our water filter reviews will help you choose the best water filters for your home, office, sporting activities, survival cabin, or campsite.

You'll also learn about how to decide between different manufacturers like Kenmore, Aqua Sana, Culligan or PUR, and choose the right purifier and filter depending on your needs: ceramic, stainless steel, osmotic, ozone, carbon or others.

You'll find out how to install them, how to replace their filters when necessary, and how to diagnose problems when they occur.

We'll give you everything you need to know about home, camping, RV and portable water purification systems.

We care about what we drink. So should you.

To your family's health,

Ashley and Carolina
Water Filters A to Z

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